The YWCA Fitness Room is open: 

Mon-Fri 6:00am-8:00pm

Saturday 8:00am-4:00pm



Cardio Circuit Training (All Levels):  Taught 'circuit style', participants walk, jog, climb, step, and sprint to the beat of modern music.  When cued by the instructor, participants will rotate to a different machine.  Learn how to use the machines to your advantage while burning tons of calories! 

Fit over Fifty (All Levels): 'Fit over Fifty' is a total body toning class for adults who want to look and feel younger, and stay healthy and strong.  Your instructor will focus on exercises that stimulate a speedy metabolism with the goal to reduce the risk of diseases like hypertension and diabetes.  Modifications for injuries are available if you speak with your instructor ahead of time.

Indoor Group Cycling (All Levels, $FEE Class): Indoor Group Cycling is performed on a stationary bike with a motivational coach guiding you through varying levels of resistance and training zones.  It is a comprehensive workout designed to increase stamina, strength, and torch calories while having fun and staying engaged.  Indoor group cycling is not just for the active athlete.  Beginners can benefit immensely from joining in at any time!

Pilates (All Levels): This 'all levels' class incorporates basic mat Pilates moves with options to add intermediate poses and advanced poses.  Each week will become more complex as balance is challenged in a range of positions.  Muscular endurance and flexibility is emphasized.   Pilates utilizes foam roller props and foam blocks for a more intense stretch and tone.

Skinny Jeans (Intermediate/Advanced): This class will focus on toning and sculpting legs, thighs, hamstrings, calfs, glutes and abdominals.  With a combination of strength training, cardio, flexibility and balance, this class is the perfect blend of moves for long, lean gams!

Upper Body Weights (Beginner/Intermediate):  Let our experienced instructors lead you through a comprehensive toning routine, focusing on strengthening your upper body, sculpting your arms, chest, and back, and teaching you how to safely do these moves on your own at the gym.

Weight Training (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced): Jump in this 45 minute lunchtime class and learn from experts proper form and function.  Properly designed weight training routines have been proven to increase metabolism and decrease body fat to  help you reach your goals.

Yoga (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced): Instructor can modify poses for persons with sports injuries, specific weaknesses, or disabilities making it fun for all levels. Whether you’re just starting out, or have been taking Yoga for years, these classes can benefit you.  Learn physical poses, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, gain flexibility, strength and balance.  (Weekend class will have rotating instructors)

Young @ Heart (Seniors Beginner/Intermediate):  Seniors can enjoy using a variety of fitness equipment from exercise bands, to weights, to mini rubber balls.  This class focuses on increasing balance, coordination, strength, and range of motion for the whole body.  

 (Beginner/Intermediate):   Fun and flirty, this Latin inspired dance-fitness craze will help you burn calories while learning all the rhythms in Latin music.  Zumba applies dance moves from Salsa, Cumbia, Meringue, Rumba, Mambo, Belly Dance, Flamenco, Samba, Tango, Reggatone and Hip Hop.         


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October 27 - January 3, 2015